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Spit Nolan Resources

02 May 2012, Posted by admin in Resources
spit nolan resources

These resources for our show Spit Nolan include video and media for our audiences to engage and enjoy as well as activities to bring the experience to pupils and audience members before and after the performance. These Spit Nolan resources can be used for lesson plans, musical and theatre activites and much more.

[toggle title=”Story & Scripts”]
The Story of Spit Nolan by Bill Naughton

The original story written by Bill Naughton.
[box_download] Download “Spit Nolan by Bill Naughton” [/box_download]

Spit Nolan Script

The script for the show written by Mick Martin.
[box_download] Download “Spit Nolan Script” [/box_download][/toggle][toggle title=”Evaluation”] Please use this document to provide us with feedback and evaluation of the show. Evaluations can be emailed to

[box_download] Download Spit Nolan Evaluation [/box_download][/toggle][toggle title=”Activities & Worksheets”]

Create A Trolley Design

Use our trolley layout as a template to create your very own trolley to race! Give it a splash of colour, draw on some of your own accessories and make a trolley nobody will ever forget.
[box_download] Download “Create A Trolley Design” [/box_download]

Make Your Trolley Race Course

Design your very own race course for Spit Nolan to race down! Use an area near you or create the course of Spits dreams. Create every twist and turn of the track, plot in your school on the map or design the biggest trolley racing track ever seen.
[box_download] Download “Make Your Trolley Race Course” [/box_download][/toggle][toggle title=”Video Resources”]

Spit Nolan Storytelling

In this video the gang tell the original story written by Bill Naughton of Spit Nolan, the Cotton Pocket Gang and the legendary race down cemetery brew…
[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

How To Build A Trolley

Spit Nolan himself gives a full instruction (with a little help from some of the Cotton Pocket Gang) how to build a trolley, what makes for a good trolley and why.
[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube][/toggle]

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